Invited Presentations and Conferences


Facebook (Invited), NBER Summer Institute, Stanford Digital Economy Lab (Invited), Toulouse School of Economics (Invited), Conference on Digital Experimentation, Carnegie Mellon University (Invited), Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (Discussant), Toulouse Digital Economics Conference, University of Nottingham (Invited)


The Brookings Institution (Invited), Marketing Science Conference, Canadian Digital Service (Invited), Boston University Platform Strategy Research Symposium, Nordea Bank (Invited), Conference on Information Systems and Technology, INFORMS Annual meeting, NABE Tech Economics Conference, Bruegel (Invited), International Conference on Information Systems doctoral consortium, Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, AEA Annual Meeting, NBER Productivity Lunch, Yale Big Tech & Antitrust conference, London School of Economics (Invited), University of Oxford (Invited), MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (Invited)


Munich Summer Institute, EPFL (Invited), IMF Statistical Forum, OECD (Invited)


University of Groningen (Invited), ZEW Conference on The Economics of Information and Communication Technologies, IMF Statistical Forum, AEA Annual Meeting, Bureau of Economic Analysis (Invited), Bank of England (Invited)


NBER Summer Institute, Conference on Digital Experimentation, Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, NBER Winter Digitization Meeting, NBER Productivity Lunch, HBS Digital Initiative Discussion & Symposium (Invited), MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (Invited)